Pressto wins in México the demand against 7Clean

The laundry and dry cleaning brand has won, its demand for unfair competence against the Company Miraja S.A and their associates, owner of the brands “7Clean” y “7Repair”.

Pressto has achieved a favorable judgment against the Enterprise Miraja, S.A. and their associates, Luis Miguel Ruiz Ripoll and Juan Ramón Ruiz Ripoll, owners of the commercial brands “7Clean” and “7Repair”, that operates in the franchise market of dry cleaners, laundry and garments mending.

The sentence recognizes that Miraja and their partners, old franchises of Pressto, have violated the non-competence rights after canceling unjustifiably the contract between Pressto and creating by their own a new chain of laundry and dry cleaners under the brands “7Clean” y “7Repair”.

The resolution, dictated by the 13th Judge of the Mexico City district, sentences the Enterprise Miraja, and their partners Mr Ripoll to indemnify Pressto by the damages caused and to stop practicing the laundry and dry cleaners business, and to stop using the Brand “7Clean” y “7Repair” closing the stores that are currently using these brands.

Even though this first sentence is not final, as it can be appealed “ is a big step for us, for our franchise network and for all our customers in Mexico and all the countries were Pressto is present, as we always have transmitted transparency, honesty and commitment in all our actions” affirmed Silvia Díaz, attorney of Pressto.

The brand arrived in Mexico in 1997 and now days own more than a hundred stores spread among the main cities of the country. Pressto México has been awarded with Superbrand Price that recognizes the best brands in the market.

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