Mission and values

Pressto concept is a concept of profitable franchise, permanent, transferable, competitive, innovative and leaders in a sector in evolution and in continuous growth in the number of customer and consumption per client.

Our mission is to be a solid and profitable franchise, leader in the sector that learns and reinvents itself from its long experience, listening and permanently tuned with new consumption attitudes and new services demand. Pressto is a way of being and working that makes us different, achieving the satisfaction of the customers who come daily to our dry cleaning and laundry Pressto shops and franchises, a very important piece in the development of our brand.

Our unique know how makes us unrepeatable and our persistence to be always pioneers in the development and implementation of new services makes us the most lively and rapid franchise in the market. Pressto Dry cleaning franchise is a worldwide reference in cleaning, range of services, image, professionalism and adaptability.


A profitable franchise

The consolidated franchise structure strives day to day in order to offer the latest machinery, the development of Pressto own specialized POS software, our own developed mobile apps, experienced technical service department, R+D department and own procurement centre, designed specially to provide ongoing support and permanent guidance in these areas to our master franchisees, franchisees and final customers.


Profitable franchise

In short, Pressto concept is the DNA, the hallmarks and distinctive characteristics of a highly profitable business model, that survives the crises like no other, developed as a franchise chain according to a know how acquired after a long-lasting and successful experience, in line with values of progress along with high social and environmental commitment.

A wide organization, in short, characterized from its origin and clearly defined by a culture of effort, creativity and work intensity shared among partners, manager and employees, today is the most successful and widely recognized company, nationally and internationally for it’s high service quality, continuous innovation, customer care and franchise commitment.


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