Wide range of services

With the intention of offering the best and most varied services to our customers all around the globe, Pressto has developed a wide range of services of high added value to the dry cleaning and quality express laundry concept such as the garments alterations & repairs, carpets cleaning, shoes and bags cleaning or upholstery cleaning services at home.

The wide range of services is what makes Pressto Dry cleaning and laundry the preferred choice of all worldwide customers, our claim “Discover all what we can do for you” sums everything.

Wide range of services


Carpets cleaning

Pressto is specialist in carpets cleaning, ensuring bactericidal and anti-mite cleaning. Given the high volume, Pressto offers free storage for carpets. Please check with your Pressto shop.

Carpets cleaning

Press Toke

Quick alterations and repairs of garments. We provide all kind of services, from the most basic ones such as trousers length to the most complicated services, as for instance alteration of a dress.

Press Toke

Press Leather

Cleaning, care and restoration of leather and suede garments. This exclusive system of Press Leather cares these delicate garments, thus avoiding deterioration.

Press Tapiz

Upholstery services at your home: sofas, curtains, carpets cleaning, etc. Dirt and odors are eliminated thoroughly and thus, preserving the finishings as it was brand new. Always offering Pressto quality guarantee for all these services.

Pressto Bags & Shoes

Pressto Bags & Shoes has been created to offer an exclusive service of cleaning, restoration and care of shoes, bags and accessories. The demand of this service by our worldwide Pressto customers is increasing more and more every day.

Pressto: carpet cleaning

Helmets cleaning

An exclusive system developed by Pressto Dry cleaning and Laundry R+D+I department, get the total disinfection and deodorization of motorbike helmets, restoring the original appearance of this important protection systems.


Pressto mobile APP to order comfortable all Pressto services one click away, including kg laundry baskets and pressing services, easily from any mobile device; pick & drop service in our customer’s homes.

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