Cleaning boutique

Pressto has always differentiated from other brands thanks to its core values, positioning itself as quality express dry cleaning and laundry service, and thanks to the concept “cleaning boutique” where not only cleaning processes and garments care is done, but also the image and appearance that customers enjoy during their shopping experience.

The most complete dry cleaning and laundry service

Pressto: dry cleaning and laundry service

The business model is based on different concepts:

Flagship store

Shop with all the necessary machinery and equipment to offer dry cleaning and laundry services, both cleaning and pressing of any type of garment. These stores involve a complete investment in machinery and products.

Pressto corner

This Pressto concept is designed to expand the service area of a franchisee which already has a complete Pressto shop. In this corner, only some of the services are done like the pressing and bagging as these premises are smaller and involves less machinery investment.

Production Center

The concept of Production Center was developed by Pressto in order to give answer to the necessity of centralizing the complete portfolio of services in one place as well as to receive and care the garments from different Pressto shops where there is no cleaning machinery and only the pressing is done there. This concept is developed in industrial areas in the outskirts of the city, with the resulting savings in rents and assisting in the overall good performance of the business.


Production Center


Pressto Plus concept has been created with the aim of giving response to our customers’ needs and current economic situation in order to make all Pressto quality services more affordable.

Pressto + Plus Madrid

These shops offer all the necessary services such as dry cleaning, attended and customized laundry, Press Toke garments alterations and repairs, bags, accessories and shoes repairs and cleaning, Press Shoes, etc.

Pressto + Plus

With this new business concept, Pressto dry cleaning intends to make available a unique customer experience where all their needs are satisfied beyond their expectations in terms of cleaning, pressing and garments care. Always offering Pressto quality guarantee for all these services.

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