Pressto around the world

Pressto is a Spanish dry cleaning and laundry franchise with an outstanding international expansion. The first step of this successful expansion began in 1997 and the first international openings took place in Mexico.

The original concept of the business brand, the technology, constant research, exclusive service and clear orientation towards a quality experience enables Pressto Dry cleaning and Laundry can be enjoyed in the five continents. Since the first Pressto dry cleaning shop opened in Madrid, great ideas remain and have led to the success of the brand with shops all around the world.

Pressto: international expansion

Our international worldwide expansion is an important added value for both the customer and the investor; the customer has the guarantee that all processes are done as in any other country and the investor relies on an important company that grows internationally anywhere in the world.

international expansion

In America, the expansion continued in other Latin-American countries such as Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Panama. Mexico is the American country where Pressto is more present, with more than 100 establishments, expanded in most of the states, like Yucantán or Mexico DF.

The presence in Africa was enhanced with shops in Angola and Nigeria.

Europe is one of the places where we have been growing for the last years, new stores have been opened in Georgia, in this last one 4 new shops have been recently opened.

Asia is another continent in which Pressto brand succeeds with major presence in Malaysia, India or Singapore, during 2017 we opened the first shop in Indonesia and now there are 4!!. The intention is open the Thailand and Vietnam markets.

The international expansion could not be completed without Pressto presence in Oceania, due to the opening of various shops in Australia.

Recently, in 2019 we have open two new countries: Kazakhstan and Malta 

Thanks to a consolidated and flexible business model adapted to every country and culture, as well as ecologic machinery and cleaning processes, we have been able to achieve a rapid expansion worldwide and we will continue growing in next coming years.

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