Environmental friendly


Thanks to the work of its employees and the loyal commitment of its customers and commercial partners, Pressto Dry Cleaners and Laundries joins the global movement in favour of circular economy, redesigning new procedures, implementing new cleaning tools and non disposable packaging, raising awareness and looking for new alliances for the development of new solutions that satisfy the customers’ needs, minimizing the impact on the environment.

Pressto Dry Cleaners strongly believes that the treatment of garments and articles must be done responsibly, discarding those processes and materials that we understand do not guarantee a sustainable future.

The innovation in the cleaning and conservation processes of used garments allows society to improve and we help to a more sustainable future. Pressto Dry Cleaners, with its continuous improvement, is designing new processes where a more efficient use of natural resources, such as water and energy, is made. In this way, it helps to extend the useful life of its garments and to recycle them, minimising gas emissions that promote the greenhouse effect, waste generation and overproduction of new articles.

In Pressto Dry Cleaners we combine the most efficient processes with the use of detergents and healthy additives; we minimise the use of plastics and single use devices; and we promote a greater environmental awareness, to continue generating value to all our partners.

Pressto is committed to a sustainable and high-value sector for the circular economy, and these are the measures adopted and being implemented since 2021.


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