Pressto intends to be the best dry cleaning and laundry of the world and its goal is to achieve complete satisfaction of all our customers, both master franchisee and end customer, accomplishing a unique and distinguished customer experience.

Pressto dry cleaning and laundry


For all of them, Pressto creates and innovates constantly, looking for what sets them apart from competition: from the brand image of our shops to a wide range of services offered within and outside of our stores.  Services ranging from the usual dry cleaning to laundry services with advanced technologies such as wet cleaning, shoes and leather cleaning with our own machinery and products, garments alterations and repairs, etc.


The best dry cleaning and laundry in the five continents

For Pressto, technology is of vital importance and for this reason, we have been pioneers in creating an App whose features are, among others, the possibility of ordering by app dry cleaning and laundry home delivery services without moving from home. Present needs prevails and this is the reason why Pressto is concerned about making life easier to our customers and, in this sense, we have implemented home delivery service to help our clients in their houseworks avoiding having to carry heavy items to the dry cleaning.

Our cleaning processes are tailored to the markets and adapted to the different systems uses: wet cleaning, hydrocarbon, dry cleaning, etc.

Using friendly materials with the environment such as cellulose hangers, oxodegradables plastics, etc.  and gradually adding reusable materials in order to reduce the use of plastics are some of the actions we have implemented in our processes. Always under the premise of providing the best quality to end customers.

Best dry cleaning and laundry

All this together with our particular cleaning processes, in which we have been innovating and researching since the beginning has made us the best dry cleaning and laundry of the world.




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