Our business concept

Laundry and dry cleaning business has stopped being an elitist service long time ago. Given the changes in society it has become a primary service necessity, we are not only talking about dry cleaning but also, weekly service of laundry bags or only ironing baskets services.

Pressto business concept

All people in all countries have garments, both textile and leather. Moreover, in every home there is clothing like curtains or duvets. Besides, current lifestyle with much less time for houseworks makes the service offered by Pressto Dry Cleaners more requested by customers. Therefore, we like to let know our customers from any Pressto dry cleaning in the world that “Pressto makes your life easier”, in the end this is our goal, make life easier to people so they can do what they really want to do and have more free time.

More than a laundry and dry cleaning business

As a result of these new habits and needs, Pressto has evolved and adapted to different cultures and has developed different business models based on each market needs, without neglecting any time its core values: quality, service, price and adaptation. A very good examples is that in our dry cleaning shops, more than 500 different garments are cleaned and cared every day, from a usual suit cleaned in Spain, a dish dash cleaned and finished in Jordan, a Gutra in Qatar or a Saree in India.

dry cleaning business

For this reason, Pressto is more than a dry cleaning and laundry business. Is a service close to their customers that listens and cares about their changing needs with the aim to make life easier to their customers.

Our business concept is the most important aspect for our investors; this is the reason why Pressto Dry Cleaning and laundry enhances all and every process that develops seeking to achieve the highest possible market profitability for the investor, both large and small. Meanwhile, our R+ D department is constantly looking for new services to develop in order to reach as many customers as possible.


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