Pressto the best dry cleaning and laundry chain of the world

Pressto is, according to Franchise Direct, the best dry cleaning and laundry of the world. The Spanish brand has entered for the first time in the ranking that elaborates annually US consultancy Franchise Direct, being one of the 5 Spanish chains and the only dry cleaning and laundry within this ranking.

2016 has begun with very good foot for the chain Pressto. Actually, Pressto started the year with the prize awarded by the consumers themselves, as the best dry cleaning and laundry services in Spain. Now, the recognition of one of the most important global franchise consultancies support us, Franchise Direct, by becoming part of the ranking of the 100 best franchises in the world.

All franchises that deserve to be in this ranking of the top 100 best global franchises have been chosen after a careful analysis, using objective and measurable criteria such as the size of the network, incomes, the stability and growth of the chain, the operation years, the support and training to the franchisee or the social responsibility policies of the company.

“With this ranking we want to acknowledge the global franchises that have a clear business concept, with the ability to innovate keeping the pace with the constant changes in the social and economic conditions. In conclusion, these are the franchises that boast of the qualities that practically aspire most of franchises, and are an example for both the consolidated franchises and the entrepreneurs who are considering the benefits of the franchise business model”, explain from the American franchises consultant.

This recognition for Pressto is a very important step in his business development, since there are only 5 Spanish chains in this ranking and it’s the only one belonging to the sector of the dry cleaning and laundry.

“We are for more than 20 years to the service of the consumer. From Madrid we have reached places as far as India, Australia or Panama, thanks to our know-how, to the constant innovation in our services and processes of cleaning, and to our clear customer orientation in all aspects of our work,” says Silvia Diaz, CEO of Pressto Group.


Pressto is a brand that has revolutionized the industry, modernizing the image and the work processes. Its main objective has always been to work on innovation in order to be able to offer the most valued service and of the highest quality to the market.

In addition to the dry cleaning service, Pressto has encouraged the concept of laundry, and have incorporated more specific services like repairs of garments alterations (Press Toke), cleaning of upholstery (Press Tapiz), cleaning, care and restoration of handbags, shoes and accessories (Press Shoes & Bags), or specific services just for ironing.

Nowadays, Pressto is present in 24 countries of the 5 continents with more than 500 establishments.

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