New Pressto Dry Cleaning and Laundry in Oman

The Spanish brand continues its rapid expansion in Middle East and is already becoming the leading brand in the garments care and cleaning sector.

Some months after the arrival in the country, Pressto opens its second dry cleaning and laundry in Oman, actually in Barka, an emerging tourist area 50km away from the capital, Muscat. Therefore, all quality services from the Spanish company are settled in two important areas of the country.

As an innovation in this market and, given the characteristics of local traditional garments, Pressto has implemented for first time a cleaning process in Pressto Oman dry cleaning through a hydrocarbon machine. Garments such as dish dash, muzzar or sirwal are very delicate and require a process that ensures a high cleaning quality and care when treated. “In public positions and work places like offices and banks, men usually wear dish dash, the most demanded service in our dry cleaning shops. In addition, another key product in Oman is the shirts cleaning and pressing, taking into account that customers from Oman prefer them folded” they assure form Pressto International Expansion Department.

Services customization is a differentiating feature of Pressto over the last years and one of the success factors. The chain not only relies on offering the best and highest quality cleaning processes and garments pressing but also expects to deliver customer’s garments as they wish: with stripe or non stripe, starch cuffs, extra softener, folded garments or in hangers… One of the most demanded services is the express service, garments are delivered during the day.

Pressto: dry cleaning and laundry in Oman

The Spanish company entered in Oman in the year 2015 thanks to the agreement achieved with the company Al Rukh United. The expansion plan of company in the Sultanate expects to open two more stores in the following years.

Pressto dry cleaning and laundry is a Spanish franchise chain established in 1994. Today is present in 24 countries of the 5 continents with more than 520 shops.

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