Pressto celebrates its 5th International Convention

The Spanish franchise has gathered its Master Franchises to show them the new innovations, tools, business lines, services and concepts that the brand has developed in Spain.

During the week of the convention, Pressto has reunited all its Master franchisors the developers of the brand in other countries, and has presented them with the newest inventions developed by the brand in Spain. They also have time to think about the strategic challenges that the sector faces, determined by the exponential growth of new technologies, climate change, globalization or the changes in consumer habits.

In addition to the representatives of the company, Pressto has decided to enrich this 5th convention with great speakers in their own sectors. Therefore the convention was also jointed by Eduardo Abadía, president of the Spanish Franchisors association; Eduardo Zamacola President of the Textile asotiation; Juan Merodio Big Data and marketing online Expert and David Sastre Segovia, Chief Strategy Officer of Seur. In their speeches they went over subjects such as Logistics, E-renoval in the services sector, Trends in the textile sector or how to develop an efficient communication.

News for 2017

Among the new products that Pressto has presented to their Master Franchises, stands out the new business concept, the Pressto Lockers, a new proximity service, easy to access (on-line) an extended time service and a competitive Price. These lockers are installed in strategic places where garments can be storage for their clean up and also picked up in the same place.

Pressto Lockers is the answer to a technological transformation that will fulfill daily and weekly customer needs in clothing care such as cleaning, ironing and garment care.

Pressto + Plus is a new concept introduced to the Master franchises in this 5th convention. With two establishments already working in Madrid, the attendants have proved how this type of business works, an automatic laundry assisted by specialized Pressto workers, where daily laundry can be done ( Washing and Drying) and also usual services in dry cleaning, shoe repair, bag cleaning… All this in a place where the customer can enjoy his time, with free Wi-Fi and a long work schedule.

“It’s in our country where we test our new processes and our new concepts before exporting them to the rest of the countries, but it is also true that we use our Masters experience to grow and improve our concept and to offer our customers the best quality.” Says Silvia Diaz CEO of the company when referring to the new concepts of the brand Pressto Bags & Shoes This concept with the name Pressto Zapato is one of the biggest services in India and therefore, its director Yvo Metzelaar shared his experience with the rest of the attendants

The services offered to the customers of Pressto bags and Shoes are: Cleaning, Maintenance, Polish, Protection, Dye, Repair… and may apply to all kinds of shoes, bags, suitcases…

This 5th international convention with representatives from Czech Republic, Malasia, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Oman, Peru, Costa Rica and Morocco among others has offered the Master franchises the opportunity to share a realistic future view, to explore new business opportunities and to face challenges with a positive attitude. To end, to maintain Pressto in words of their CEO Silvia Diaz, as “The most valuable company in cleaning services, repair, finish and maintenance of everything related to garments, clothes, accessories at global level.”

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