Pressto opens two new stores in Malaysia

The Spanish Brand keeps growing out of Spain and leading the market in its sector in each country.

With a new step in Malaysia, Pressto with its Master Franchisor has opened two new stores in Kuala Lumpur. The new locations have been specially selected to arrive to two new residential neighborhoods, in a modern and commercial area in the new KL Gateway Mall.

Pressto was established in Malaysia during 2006, as the result of the agreement between Pressto and the company KVC, that become the group responsible for the expansion of the Pressto brand in Malaysia and Singapore. The Spanish brand trust in the Master Franchise formula for its expansion overseas as “It is the best way to guarantee a proper arrival of the brand to a foreign country, and also the way to transmit the innovations and know-how of our business” as it is affirmed by the international department.

Sector Revolution

Pressto´s arrival to Malaysia became a total revolution in the sector, with a new innovation in the process ( with new cleaning methods), the introduction of new services ( like shoes cleaning, bags and compliments) and the fast delivery (In the same day without extra costs)  that is very appreciated by the Asian customer. The Malaysian appreciates the quality and fast services, both standard values that define Pressto. In 2015, Pressto Malaysia performed an image removal in all their stores, according to Asians expectations, giving their stores a new and innovated image.

Another of the main points that attract the Malaysian customer is the home pick up and delivery services and the mending and alteration of garments. The brand expects that the customer would receive an excellent experience in their service, “ That is why is the Customer who decides when and where the garments will be picked up and received, as well as their finish, with or without line, extra moist, folded or in a hanger…” as it is said by the CEO Silvia Diaz

With these two new openings the Brand has 18 different stores in Malaysia.

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